Bring ideas to life

EVE platform family is for professionals who works smarter. EVE accelerates the product development process, leaving more time and money for innovation and creativity.

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Optimize the development process

EVE replaces a multitude of core electronics components.

Just design your product specific electronics, and a minimum of user interface. Let EVE do the rest of your PCB. Use the homepage for configuration, firmware upgrade, reading of logs etc.

Traditional circuitboard

Traditional PCB

Circuitboard with EVE

EVE-based PCB

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Accelerate the development process

With EVE on hand to take care of the product’s core technology needs, the development process can be moved quickly into second gear.

EVE Core Features

Cut hardware costs

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  • 32-bits Cortex M3 microcontroller from Energy Micro
  • 1 - 48MHz
  • 256k program FLASH, 32k RAM, 2M serial FLASH
  • 27 I/O including USB 2.0 OTG interface, ADC, DAC, SPI, UART, I²C, PWM, RTC etc.
  • Built-in 3V regulator and 5V step-up for USB host
  • Small footprints (18 x 40 mm)
  • Highly effective voltage regulator:
    • Typical 1.3µA in power save mode
    • Typical 2.8µA with RTC

Maximise software spend

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  • Micro-kernel with USB, scheduling, power and clock management
  • Contiki OS with IP stack (IPv4 & IPv6) included
  • Tickless design
  • Drivers for peripherals
  • USB stack:
    • OTG, host and device
    • CDC ACM and ECM
    • RNDIS for Android and Windows
    • ipheth for iPhone
    • http and JSON engine
  • Remote software upgrade
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Shorten your time to market

Profitable product development process

Using EVE means your business is more competitive. Bring more ideas to life. Shorten your time-to-market. Reduce the time, cost and hassle of testing. Increase product flexibility and innovation. Get more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

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Modern user interface

Full functionality and control via USB and homepage, when connected to a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Use EVE BLE for same functionality and control using APP at your smartphone or tablet. Your product is at the customers fingertips!

Access product homepage via USB

Access product homepage via USB

Control product from an app via BLE

Control product from an app via BLE

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One size fits all

EVE can support a wide range of sectors and products.

One size fits all
  • Residences and hotels
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Ship & Offshore
  • Yachts
  • Industrial control
  • Measurement & data acquisition
  • Security
  • Recreation
  • Consumer electronics
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Meet the family

All EVEs have homepage functionality based on USB, standardized IO, common OS and drivers, effective framework for homepage integration and ultra low-power design.



  • 27 I/O including USB 2.0 OTG interface
  • 18 x 40 mm
  • USB micro AB connector


  • 27 I/O including USB 2.0 OTG interface
  • 18 x 40 mm
  • 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy (BLE ver. 4.1)
EVE reference card

Eve reference board

Bring life to your ideas with EVE at the heart of your printed circuit board.

High quality and tested hardware and software blocks for professional product development. CE-approved hardware. Shorter development time for demos and final products. All available in source files and source codes including startup help and program examples.

EVE reference board traits:

Front side overview
Reference card front

Back side overview
Reference card back


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Some of our customers

Some of our customers